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Your countertops and kitchen in general are a breeding ground for germs. We’re not just talking about seasonal germs, like those that cause the flu and colds, but also germs from the raw food that your countertops regularly come into contact with. Because you prepare your meals in the kitchen, it’s especially important to keep this area of your home as germ-free as possible.

Here are some countertop cleaning tips from

  • You should wipe down your countertops both before AND after you prepare a meal. If not your entire countertop, you can concentrate particularly on the area where you will be preparing food. 
  • If you use sponges or dish clothes to clean your countertop, be sure to clean them after each use. You can put sponges in the microwave for 2 ½ minutes to disinfect them. Or you can soak your sponges and dish clothes in a cleaning solution.
  • Soap and warm water is great for general cleaning. However, if you want to disinfect your countertops, you will need something stronger. You can make your own cleaning solution using ¼ cup of bleach and 2 ¼ cups of water. When you bleach or any disinfectants containing chemicals in your kitchen, be sure to keep these products away from any food while you’re cleaning.
  • If you want to avoid using bleach, you can create a cleaning solution with hydrogen peroxide and white vinegar.

Overall, it’s important to routinely clean your countertops to remove any bacteria, dirt, etc. that has come into contact with these surfaces. 

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