Artisans of Stone creates beautiful and quality countertops in Roanoke, VA. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality natural stone and quartz countertops at a low price. Our highly skilled artisans can create beautiful surfaces for your kitchen and bath.

Keeping your countertop clean is important, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for the health and cleanliness of your kitchen, where many meals are prepared. On top of these reasons, keeping your countertops clean will help to add to their overall life.

How you clean your countertop depends on what type of material your countertop is made of. Merry Maids has put together some tips on how to clean the different types of countertops:

  • For granite countertops, you want to keep it simple and use soap and warm water. Use a microfiber towel to wash your countertops and then to dry them as well. The same cleaning method can be used to clean laminate countertops as well.
  • When it comes to quartz countertops, you can use chemical products to clean them, but you want to avoid using them on a regular basis. For regular, everyday cleaning you can use glass cleaner or ammonia to keep the quartz nice and shiny.
  • Corian and Silestone countertops are similar to quartz, but they need to be cleaned differently. For Corian countertops, use soapy water and a microfiber towel. For Silestone countertops, you can use the same cleaning method as Corian countertops.

For exquisite, quality countertops that fit your personal taste and your budget, come to see us at Artisans of Stone in Roanoke, VA.