As devoted fabricators of countertops in Roanoke, VA and throughout Virginia we get a lot of questions about how to choose the right surface for your countertops. It’s a big decision to do a kitchen or bathroom renovation, so you need to know what you want. With that in mind, here is our quick guide on choosing between granite and quartz.

How is it Made?

Granite is mined from pure stone, then the mined granite is cut into slabs or tiles, and then polished for installation. In general, when you get a granite countertop, it’s 100% of the natural stone. On the other hand, quartz counters are made from crushed quartz. Pigments are then added for color and pattern. After that, resin is used to bind everything together.

What Does It Look Like?

Depending on where it’s from, granite colors can range from neutral earth tones to slightly more vivid blues, greens, and reds. Quartz, being colored and formed to specific design ideas, has a wider range of colors it can come in.

How Durable Is It?

Because granite is porous, it can suck up liquids and harbor bacteria and viruses if it isn’t sealed properly. After it’s sealed, it’s generally great for wiping up spills. In addition, because each granite slab has imperfections, it can chip and crack faster. Quartz on the otherhand has no striations that lead to cracks. The resin that is used to bind Quartz together actually makes it more resistant to stains.

What Kind of Maintenance Is Needed?

Granite countertops do require regular resealing in addition to being sealed at installation. Quartz already comes pre-sealed, so it doesn’t require much resealing maintenance. Of course, for either surface it’s important to wipe up stains when you can to make sure it stays stain-free.

Ready to Decide?

Of course, whatever you decide, it’s important to determine what surface works the best for you and your kitchen. Quartz may be great if you want a low maintenance kitchen, but Granite is a nice and attractive choice for any kitchen. Not to mention, we offer a variety of amazing surfaces and options beyond granite and quartz. No matter what you choose, it’s important to have a good team by your side. Contact us today to get the countertops you need in Roanoke, VA! At Artisans of Stone, we don’t make one-size-fits-all solutions, every job is handcrafted so no small details are overlooked. Whatever your vision, come to us, and we can help you make the kitchen and bath of your dreams