Artisans of Stone creates beautiful and quality countertops in Roanoke, VA. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality natural stone and quartz countertops at a low price. Our highly skilled artisans can create beautiful surfaces for your kitchen and bath.

At Artisans of Stone, we’re not just here to sell you run-of-the-mill countertops. We treat each piece like it’s a work of art. That means that we put our skill, expertise, and craftsmanship into crafting each piece so that you can take home a quality piece we are proud to sell to you.

Artisan of Stone’s owner has been in the business of countertops for almost 20 years, and has been running Artisan of Stone for almost 10. In fact, his artisanship and attention to detail has gotten him recognized by the granite and quartz distributors of the Mid-Atlantic region as one of the best countertop crafters around. With his expertise and his eye for style and quality, you are guaranteed to get the most beautiful countertops around. 

Our commitment to quality extends to our outlook on customer service. We aren’t here to rush you through the store, forcing you to make quick decisions and spend lots of money, like some of our competitors might. Instead, we want to sit down with you and discuss your style, budget, and options with you so that you can pick countertops that you will love for years to come.

If you’re on the market for new countertops, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Come to see us at Artisans of Stone in Roanoke, VA, where we are committed to producing quality countertops at an affordable price.