Artisans of Stone creates beautiful and quality countertops in Roanoke, VA. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality natural stone and quartz countertops at a low price. Our highly skilled artisans can create beautiful surfaces for your kitchen and bath.

For many, counter space can be an issue. No matter how nice your countertops are, if you don’t have enough space on them, it can be really frustrating. We use our countertops to prepare food, store items, and often to eat on as well. Fortunately, there are some ways you can maximize your counter space to make the most of what you have.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use multi-tiered storage to store more without taking up more space. Spice racks, shelf risers, cake stands, and the like are all great for maximizing your storage.
  • Hang what you can from the cabinets. For example, instead of sitting your paper towels on the counter, hang a paper towel roller underneath a cabinet.
  • Have your microwave installed above your stovetop to save space.
  • Use burner covers to create additional counter space on your stovetop.
  • If you have a windowsill in your kitchen, say above your sink, you can use it for additional storage.
  • Place a cutting board on top of your sink as an extra working space; just make sure that the cutting board is longer than your sink so that it is stable/flat when you’re using it.
  • Use a cart or portable island for additional counter space.
  • You can install collapsible counters and tables in your kitchen that can be dropped down and out of the way when not in use.
  • Use your wall space in your kitchen to store items by installing wall shelves and baskets.

While you can’t make your kitchen any bigger (without doing some expensive renovations), you can make the most of the counter space that you already have. For countertops that will look great in your kitchen, no matter how big or small, come to see us at Artisans of Stone in Roanoke, VA.