Artisans of Stone creates beautiful and quality countertops in Roanoke, VA. We’re dedicated to delivering the highest quality natural stone and quartz countertops at a low price. Our highly skilled artisans can create beautiful surfaces for your kitchen and bath.

With regular cleaning and care, your countertops will last you for years to come. However, like anything else, countertops do age and become more vulnerable to wear and tear. Furthermore, accidents happen sometimes, leaving your countertops damaged and in need of repair.

Whether it’s heat damage, chips, or scratches, damage to your countertop doesn’t mean that the countertop has to be replaced. There are various ways, depending on the damage and the type of countertop you have, to repair your countertops and have them look as good as new.

Laminate countertops are usually the most affordable countertop options. However, they are also the most vulnerable to damage. If your laminate countertops get burn marks, the best way to clean them is to make a paste out of baking soda and water and let it sit on the mark for 30 minutes before removing. For scratches in the surface of your laminate countertop, clean any stains set in the countertop with bleach and then polish the scratches with car wax.

Stone countertops are sturdier than laminate and much less likely to get burn marks or scratches. However, if a heavy item, like a cast iron pan, for instance, falls on your countertop, the countertop could possibly chip or crack. If this happens, you can use clear resin or acrylic adhesive to fill in the damaged area. If the damage seems to be severe, it’s best to call the countertop professionals at Artisans of Stone to come out and look at your countertops.

For beautiful, timeless countertops, give us a call at Artisans of Stone in Roanoke, VA.